C&D LCT II-1700 Lead Calcium Battery

LCTII1700A Premium Standby Battery For Telecommunications Applications

The C&D LCT II-1700 Lead Calcium Battery, by C&D Technologies, an experienced manufacturer of round cells. This flooded battery incorporates proven and reliable floating epoxy post seal design and features solid copper posts to improve short duration (less that 5 hrs) rates up to 12% over comparable products. This combination makes the LCT II-1700 a superior, high quality, reliable, long-life battery for today’s standby applications. LCT II-1700 comes with a 25 year warranty: 5-year full and 20-year pro-rata.

C&D LCT II-1700 Lead Calcium Battery Features 

  • Proprietary design results in 12% increase in performance in short duration (< 5 hrs), high rate applications
  • Unique Floating Epoxy Post Seal construction provides leak-free operation throughout the product life
  • 30% greater jar-to-cover seal area reduces leaks for trouble-free operation
  • Proprietary vacuum-assisted, bottom pour, positive-grid casting assures void free grid quality resulting in long service life
  • Waterbath charging results in consistently formed plates for reliable performance out of the box (no cycling required in the field)
  • Proprietary expander enables stable and uniform float voltages (down to 2.17 Vpc), reducing the need to equalize
  • Suspended positive plate permits free growth without pressure on jar and cover
  • Flame-retardant covers enhance battery plant safety with self-extinguishing properties LOI >32%, UL 94V-0
  • Low-evaporation, flame-arrester vent to extend watering intervals and prevent external sparks from reacting with the hydrogen inside the cell
  • NEBS approved battery systems (cells and racks) that meet telecom companies’ specifications
  • Narrow 17” (43.18 cm) depth racks available – NEBS qualified
  • Transparent container allows visual inspection of plates
  • No requirement for periodic specific gravity readings
  • 50% reduction in the quantity of posts for reduced installation and maintenance costs
  • Double-hole, cross-drilled posts for plates parallel or perpendicular to the rack installation
  • Lead-plated solid copper posts for low maintenance; bolt-on connections require minimal retorquing
  • Redundant connectors standard for continuous operation for increased up-time and maintainability

LCT II-1700 Lead Calcium Battery Specifications

Positive Plates         Height: 14.88 in (378 mm)                Width: 12.50 in (317 mm)                     Thickness: 0.300 in (7.6 mm)
Negative Plates        Height: 15.00 in (9381 mm)              Width: 12.50 in (317 mm)                     Thickness: 0.175 in (4.5 mm)
Plates per cell     23 (11 positive, 12 negative)
Float voltage     2.17-2.22 Vpc
Dimensions   10.62 mm long x 14.12 mm wide x 23.6 high
Electrolyte at 77F (25C)    Sulfuric acid, 1.215 specific gravity nominal
Electrolyte height above plates     2.875 in (73 mm)
Sediment space     0.75 in (19 mm)
Container      Thermoplastic, transparent flame-retardant PVC standard meets UL 94V-0 rating and LOI>32%
Cover      High-impact, flame-retardant thermoplastic
Separator     Microporous with fibrous glass mat
Safety vent system     Flame-arrester type
Terminals    Two, 3/4” square (19 mm) square lead-plated copper posts with 2 holes per side

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