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Schneider Electric Galaxy VS

Schneider Electric Galaxy VSModular Power Protection for Critical Infrastructure
10-50kVA (208V), 20-100kVA (480V)

The Schneider Electric Galaxy VS is a highly efficient, easy-to-deploy, modular three-phase uninterruptible power supply ideal for critical IT and industrial facilities.  Available in 10-50kVA (208V) and 20-100kVA (480V), the Galaxy VS offers power factor flexibility and high overload capability.  The Schneider Electric Galaxy VS supports a wide range of loads and is designed to perform in dusty, hot, or humid environments and is seismic rated.

With the new Smart Modular Batteries, Galaxy VS offers optimized footprint by integrating batteries in the UPS cabinet and also improves availability with added battery monitoring, redundant battery strings and self-configuration, and ensuring critical loads are always protected with highly predictable runtime and chain redundancy.

Galaxy VS – Faster Installation and Serviceability

Easy to install with a compact design
  • Lightweight, small footprint, with rolling casters and no rear clearance
  • Everything you need is included – Network Management Car (NMC), Modbus, single and dual mains input kits, dust filters, and eight dry contacts
  • Reduced risk of installation error – the large cabling section is easy to access
  • Precise and reliable battery configuration, thanks to predefined battery parameters
  • Supports installation with NEMA 2-hole lugs
Modular architecture is easy to maintain and fast to service
  • Fast mean time to repair thanks to swappable power, bypass, and intelligence modules
  • Full front access for easy and fast connection and services
  • Check UPS status or configure settings with the intuitive color touch screen and mimic diagram
  • East to stock modular spare parts for service
  • Reduces risk of human error by making the bypass transfer sequence easy and intuitive with a simplified, integrated maintenance bypass

Schneider Electric Galaxy VS Features

  • Available with Lithium-Ion batteries
  • New patented hybrid technology provides up to 97% efficiency with double conversion mode
  • Electricity savings in full protection mode at every load level
  • 99% efficient with patented ECOnversion mode
  • Recover your initial investment within 2 years through energy savings
  • High-density technology and full front access make Galaxy VS a footprint saver well suited for confined spaces
  • Critical system components built as modules, for faster serviceability and short mean time to repair
  • Lithium-ion battery optional
  • Long-life, compact and reliable energy storage
  • EcoStruxure – Anytime, anywhere monitoring and service support via Smartphone App

Galaxy VS Popular Models Include

GVSUPS10KFS Galaxy VS UPS 10kW 208V
GVSUPS15KFS Galaxy VS UPS 15kW 208V
GVSUPS20KFS Galaxy VS UPS 20kW 208V
GVSUPS20KGS Galaxy VS UPS 20kW 480V
GVSUPS25KFS Galaxy VS UPS 25kW 208V
GVSUPS30KFS Galaxy VS UPS 30kW 208V
GVSUPS30KGS Galaxy VS UPS 30kW 480V
GVSUPS40KFS Galaxy VS UPS 40kW 208V
GVSUPS40KGS Galaxy VS UPS 40kW 480V
GVSUPS50KFS Galaxy VS UPS 50kW 208V
GVSUPS50KGS Galaxy VS UPS 50kW 480V
GVSUPS60KGS Galaxy VS UPS 60kW 480V
GVSUPS80KGS Galaxy VS UPS 80kW 480V
GVSUPS100KGS Galaxy VS UPS 100kW 480V
For more information about the Galaxy VS,
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