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Tripp Lite SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS

Tripp Lite SmartOnline 3-Phase UPSTripp Lite SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS is a true on-line UPS that delivers pure sine wave and zero transfer time operation. SmartOnline 3-Phase is ideal for protecting critical equipment in computing, networking or telecommunications environments. The SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS System provides double-conversion technology that continually converts incoming AC power into filtered DC power, and then resynthesizes it back into AC power with a pure sine wave.  SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS System with zero transfer time keeps networks up and running safely through short blackouts and allow enough time to safely shut down during longer ones. In addition, they stop damaging surges and filter disruptive line noise.

SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS Systems feature the smallest footprints in their class. While many competitive solutions require two bulky modules that must be installed side by side, SmartOnline 3-Phase combine power and battery components into a single module.  All models feature a robust internal battery capability. Additional internal batteries can be added to provide extended runtime. If more runtime is required, an optional stand-alone battery compartment can be added and configured with additional batteries.

In addition to a space-optimized design, SmartOnline UPS Systems include convenient front-panel battery access that simplifies runtime scalability. A robust internal battery capability can easily be extended by installing additional optional internal batteries through the front panel access door.

Tripp Lite SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS Benefits

Deliver Superior Reliability – SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS Systems provide some of the lowest THD (total harmonic distortion) output available, allowing your connected
equipment to continuously perform at its peak. In addition, SmartOnline 3-Phase models provide a 3:1 crest factor to safely support a variety of equipment, even equipment with wildly fluctuating power demands.

Provide Maximum Availability – A manual bypass switch and automatic bypass function ensure the constant availability of connected equipment by safely passing through AC power even if the UPS system requires maintenance. In addition, a battery cold-start switch allows you to restart your UPS system and connected equipment during an extended blackout for periodic system access or retrieval of vital data.

Tripp Lite SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS Features

  • 20 – 30kVA
  • Small-Footprint Cabinet
  • Front-Panel Battery Access
  • Zero Transfer Time, Double Conversion
  • IGBT Inverter Technology
  • 3-Phase Hardwire Input and Output (120/208V)
  • Internal Batteries and Extended Runtime Options
  • Extended Runtime Capability (front panel, not shown)
  • Multiple built-in communication ports simultaneously provide shutdown commands and reporting on multiple servers without the need for accessories.
  • Multi-pole breakers safeguard your equipment, the UPS system and your electrical infrastructure against potential damage due to input or output short circuits and system overloads.
  • Hardwire, 3-Phase (4-wire, wye) Output connects the power module directly to your equipment or a PDU (power distribution unit).
  • Hardwire, 3-Phase (4-wire, wye) Input connects the power module directly to the 3-phase utility power source.
  • Accessory Card Slot accepts optional internal SNMPWEBCARD or RELAYIOCARD. SNMPWEBCARD provides a network interface for monitoring and control via SNMP,
    Web, SSH or telnet, enabling remote reboots, shutdowns and more. Use with optional ENVIROSENSE to monitor temperature and humidity. RELAYIOCARD provides a programmable contact closure interface.
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) allows remote emergency shutdown.
  • Battery Cold Start – restart your UPS during a prolonged blackout to utilize its batteries for periodic system access or data retrieval.

Smart Online 3-Phase Models

SU20K3/3 – 20kVA/16kW, 120/208VAC, LCD Display, Expandable runtimes, Hot-swappable power module
SU20K3/3XR5 – 20kVA/16kW, 120/208VAC, LCD Display, Expandable runtimes, Hot-swappable power module
SU30K3/3 – 30kVA/24kW, 120/208VAC, LCD Display, Expandable runtimes, Hot-swappable power module
SU30K3/3XR5 – 30kVA/24kW, 120/208VAC, LCD Display, Expandable runtimes, Hot-swappable power module

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