New Smart App Sinewave

New Smart App Sinewave

CyberPower New Smart App SinewaveThe New Smart App Sinewave Series is now part of the Smart App Sinewave Series

The New Smart App Sinewave Series of UPS from CyberPower is the next generation of professional-grade UPS systems for corporate applications and is designed to meet customer requirements. This series offers  line-interactive topology, surge protection, and battery backup. The New Smart App Sinewave Series has sine wave output to eliminate power gaps that can be detected by sensitive equipment and cause unexpected shutdowns.

The New Smart App Sinewave is a rack/tower convertible format UPS ideal for protecting corporate and network servers, telecom installations, and VoIP systems. The New Smart App Sinewave improves battery life through battery equalization technology and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which corrects minor power fluctuations without switching to battery power. The enhanced chassis design with an easy-to-access tool-less front panel, color-coded rear panel, and captive screws for battery panel access make installations and battery changes simple and fast

New Smart App Sinewave Features

  • Line-Interactive Topology
  • GreenPower UPS™
  • 2U Rack Mount/Tower Convertible

New Smart App Sinewave Models

ModelVA/WRuntime (min) @ Full/ Half loadVoltageRack SizeOutputOther
PR1000RT2U1000VA/1000W7/19.51202U Rack(8) 5-15 R 
PR1000RT2UN1000VA/1000W7/19.51202U Rack(8) 5-15 RNC
PR1500RT2U1500VA/1500W6.5/18.21202U Rack(8) 5-15 R 
PR1500RT2UN1500VA/1500W6.5/17.91202U Rack(8) 5-15 RNC
PR1500RTXL2U1500VA/1500W6.5/17.91202U rack(8) 5-15R 
PR1500RTXL2UN1500VA/1500W6.5/17.91202U Rack(8) 5-15RNC
PR2000RT2U2000VA/2000W4.5/13.51202U Rack(8) 5-20R 
PR2000RT2UN2000VA/2000W4.5/13.51202U Rack(8) 5-20RNC
PR2000RTXL2U2000VA/2000W4.3/12.21202U Rack(8) 5-20R 
PR2000RTXL2UN2000VA/2000W4.3/12.21202U Rack(8) 5-20RNC
PR2200RT2UN2200VA/2200W3.2/11.81202U rack(8) 5-20RNC
PR2200RTXL2U2200VA/2200W3.2/101202U rack(8) 5-20R 
PR2200RTXL2UN2200VA/2200W3.2/101202U rack(8) 5-20RNC
PR2200RTXL2UAN2200VA/2200W6.3/16.11202U rack(8) 5-20RNC, Ext. runtime
PR2200RTXL2UHVAN2200VA/2200W5.6/11.12082U Rack(4)6-20R
(2) L6-20R
NC, High voltage,
PR3000RT2U3000VA/3000W3.2/101202U Rack(1) L5-30R (6) 5-20R 
PR3000RT2UN3000VA/3000W3.2/101202U Rack(8)5-20R; (1) L5-30RNC
PR3000RTXL2U3000VA/3000W1.7/71202U Rack(8) 5-20R; (1) L5-30RC
PR3000RTXL2UN3000VA/3000W1.7/71202U Rack(8) 5-20R; (1) L5-30RNC
PR3000RTXL2UAN3000VA/3000W3.7/11.71202U Rack(8) 5-20R; (1) L5-30RNC, Ext. runtime
PR3000RTXL2UHVAN3000VA/3000W3.8/11.22082U Rack(4) 6-20R; (2)L6-20RNC, High voltage, Ext. runtime

For more information about the CyberPower New Smart App Sinewave UPS,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].