3 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of High Density Server Racks

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Simple Tips to improve efficiency in your Network
Closet or Data Center

The power
density of data center racks and network closets has been rapidly
increasing in recent years.  In 2010, a typical data center rack
contained 1.7kW of load whereas today, its not unusual to see 10kW or
more in high density applications.  Increased utilization of the
cloud and virtualization has translated to higher computing demands
for many sites which means data centers and network closets need to
house and support more servers.  With the growing popularity of
high efficiency blade servers, rack density has increased to
previously unimagined loads.   The biggest challenge this
has created is cooling the rack.  Traditional CRAC configurations frequently fail to adequately support high density loads.

Most of our
customers don’t have the budget to completely reconfigure their data
center architecture and adopt large scale cooling solutions such as InRow cooling or hot aisle containment in the short term.  So, we’ve provided three simple and
cost-effective tips to help inexpensively control the environment for
your high density equipment.

1. Maximize airflow with Cable

Proper cable management does more than keep things tidy.  Inadequate cable management
can not only lead to damaged cables or increased time to add or
change out cables, but can block critical airflow or access. This can
lead to inefficiencies in the performance of your equipment or even
downtime.  Cable Management parts and accessories are relatively inexpensive and are simple to install.  Read more about the importance of Cable Management

2. Control Hot Spots with
Supplemental Cooling

Rack-based cooling products are specifically integrated in or on individual rack
enclosures to solve inadequate air distribution problems. Quick and
easy to deploy, Rack Air Distribution systems work with existing cooling products to either provide cool
air to or remove heat from the rack enclosure. Various hot air
removal systems, fans, and rack air distribution systems are
available to help minimize hot spots and ensure uniform inlet
temperatures to the IT equipment.

Monitor the environmental conditions of your racks with NetBotz

NetBotz offers a
cost effective approach to environmental monitoring. NetBotz monitors
humidity, temperature, door contact and dry contact, and other
environmental conditions remotely over your network. Additional
features like user-defined alerts make the NetBotz 200 the
perfect unit to protect your IT assets from environmental threats. NetBotz is highly
configurable and can be used in both Network Closets and Data

Increased computing capacity and smaller, more energy efficient
servers are increasing rack density in many network closets and data
centers.  To ensure proper operation of your equipment and
ultimately prevent downtime, it is essential to provide sufficient
airflow and cooling to your racks.  Server manufacturers are
working on technologies that internally cool the chips installed in
their servers, but until those internally cooled products are
mainstream, it will be up to the data center manager to maintain
proper operating temperatures with external cooling.

Solutions carries a complete line Cable Management, Rack Air Distrbution,
and Environmental
products from manufacturers such as APC by Schneider
Electric, Eaton, Server Technology, and Middle Atlantic.  Visit
our website for more
information or contact me.


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New innovation from Server Technology for high density

Get up to 42
C13 outlets in a single 42U high x 1U wide PDU

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power densities and reduced cabinet space require innovative
solutions to maximize every rack U of space in the data center.
With Server Technology High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) vertical PDU’s, you can have
the highest possible outlet density available in a network connected
PDU.  With HDOT PDU’s, you
get more C13 and C19 outlets while saving valuable rack space for
cable management and cooling.  Manufactured with robust high
temperature materials carrying a UL94 V-0 flame rating, the HDOT high
density PDU’s are suitable for the harsh data center environments.

Technology HDOT PDU’s are
available in Single Phase, Three-Phase 208V, and Three-Phase 400V in
Metered and Smart models and include these standard features:

  • Dramatically
    reduced footprint – get more outlets in 20% less space than
    traditional PDUs

  • Highest
    possible outlet density available in a network connected PDU

  • High
    native cord retention eliminates the need for locking devices

configurations are available!  Call 800-876-9373 or send me an email to get started.

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Inadequate cable management can create hot spots in
your server room 

Do the back of
your racks look anything like this?

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example, while extreme, makes it easy to see how poor cable
management can interfere with airflow through the rack and create hot
spots in your data center.  Today’s high density server and
networking equipment needs proper cooling and no matter how cool the
ambient temperature in your data center or network closet, the
equipment within crowded racks is still exposed to extreme heat if
the front to back airflow within the rack is blocked by cabling or
other equipment.

Schneider Electric has a complete line of NetShelter racks
and cable management accessories specifically designed for networking and high density
applications.  Used together, proper airflow through the rack is
maintained increasing cooling efficiency and protecting your
equipment from excessive heat which ultimately can lead to less

The NetShelter Enclosures are available in wide width or deep sizes allowing extra room for
cabling and PDUs.  With coordinating cable management including ladders, horizontal trays, and other accessories, even the
most dense racks can be sufficiently cooled.

Call 800-876-9373 or send me an email for more information on cable

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