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Deka Unigy II

The Industry Solution for Telecommunications Power

Deka Unigy IIDeka Unigy II batteries are constructed using the finest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and are known for their high reliability and superior performance.  The Unigy II utilizes a smaller footprint to save space while providing optimal power.  The space saving design enables less restriction for ground and vertical space confinements and meets UBC 97 Zone 4 (Interlock only) specifications, certified up to eight modules high.  Assembly is quick and easy with a simplified, yet advanced layout configuration and “two-way” post design allowing quick connector assembly and optimized current transfer.

Deka Unigy II Features 

  • Plates formed with IPFTM technology to assure consistent cell to cell performance
  • Advanced AGM technology for superior high rate, instantaneous power
  • Case and cover heat sealed and 100% tested to prevent leaks
  • Epoxy-sealed posts eliminate leaks
  • Puncture resistant micro-porous glass mat separators extend life
  • MICROCAT catalyst improves high temperature performance
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing control processes and standards to ensure quality products
  • Front access design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Maintenance-free batteries require no handling of electrolyte or hydrometers
  • No elaborate spill containment or ventilation necessary
  • Reduced risk to employees by eliminating potentially hazardous checks
  • Certified to UBC ’97 – Zone 4 and IBC ’06 – 300%
  • All batteries ship at 100% of rated capacity
  • Flame arresting, high pressure, self-sealing valves are 100% factory tested
  • All batteries meet or exceed IEEE 1187 and 1188 requirements at shipment
  • Product is supported by one of the industry’s most reputable, quality-conscious, and innovative companies

Deka Unigy II Battery Systems are ideal for a variety of applications: telecommunications, switchgear control, cellular radio, renewables, railroad signals/communications and UPS.   System configurations include 24V and 48V for telecommunications and 120V, 240V, and 480V for UPS and switchgear control.

The Unigy II cells are available in modules designed for installation in 23″ equipment racks. Three, four, and six cell modules ranging from 140 to 615A.H. can be either used in the rack or remain free standing using the Single Cell in a Can series.  These options offer more choices in configuring the right battery system; provide more flexibility when selecting configurations, and saves premium space while providing optimal power.  Drawings showing exact layouts and dimensions are available. Contact us for details.

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