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Cooling SolutionsHigh density IT equipment can stress the power density capability of modern data centers without the proper cooling solutions. And as your company grows, so does the amount and type of equipment that needs temperature management, as well as the potential for unexpected problems with power and cooling infrastructure that can lead to overheating, overloads, and loss of redundancy. The ability to measure and predict power and cooling capability at the rack enclosure level is required to ensure predictable performance and optimize use of the physical infrastructure resource.

Power Solutions has the complete APC cooling line for your data center needs. We offer a range of products to meet all density levels for wiring closets, small, medium, and large data centers. Our highly efficient, scalable solutions with active response controls offer predictable cooling for your needs today and in the future.

Power Solutions offers Vertiv Liebert Cooling and Thermal Management solutions for room cooling, in-row cooling, rack cooling and heat rejection. Vertiv’s cooling products are intelligent, self-optimizing and rapidly deployable, to meet your IT challenges and demands for both traditional and non-traditional IT space.

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