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STULZ – Mission Critical Cooling

STULZ CoolingSTULZ Air Technology Systems provides advanced precision cooling solutions for mission critical applications.  Power Solutions offers the full STULZ product range including traditional room cooling, high density rack cooling, container modules, and air handling units with adiabatic cooling.

STULZ Air Technology Systems offers Direct Free Cooling for Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) systems, Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) units and modular data centers. With its range of capacities and extensive options, they offer a product line that is highly customizable to provide optimum air conditioning for data centers, network closets, and computer rooms.

STULZ can engineer a cooling solution beyond their standard product offering, providing a precision cooling solution that is purpose-built for your specific needs. With over 45 years of specialized expertise in the cooling industry, their precision cooling is proven to reduce operating costs and increase overall energy efficiency.

STULZ mission critical cooling equipment is manufactured in the USA.  With a vast capacity range, extensive options, and modularity, we offer a broad product range that makes optimal air conditioning a reality for any mission critical project including data centers and any other applications that require reliable precision cooling such as museums, hospitals, laboratories, indoor growing facilities, and government installations.

STULZ Product Range

  • Traditional Room Cooling using Air Conditioners (CRAC) and Air Handlers (CRAH)
  • Outdoor Mounted Air Handlers
  • Modular / Containerized Cooling
  • Row Based Cooling
  • Ceiling Mounted Cooling
  • EC Fan Retrofit & CRAH Replacement
  • Ultrasonic Humidifiers
  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers for Industrial and Remediation Applications
  • Custom Solutions
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