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PDI PowerPak PDU

PDI PowerPak PDUThe PDI PowerPak PDU ensures advanced protection for non-linear loads by integrating electronic grade grounding, isolation, distribution and power monitoring in a single, self-contained cabinet.  Ideal for enterprise data centers or data center retrofits, the PowerPak provides intelligent and flexible power distribution through a 50 kVA – 300 kVA transformer. With hundreds of possible distribution configurations, and offers options such as remote cabinets for high density wiring and compact design, a branch circuit monitoring system, harmonics mitigation, surge suppression, and a combination of power distribution and automatic switching.  The PowerPak PDU offers a full compliment of panel board, sub feed and I-Line distribution options in the main cabinet and expandable sidecars. It offers up to a 300kVA DOE2016 transformer and integrates the intelligent WaveStar® Branch Circuit Monitoring Solution with 7” Color Touchscreen Display.


PDI PowerPak PDU Features

  • Offers DOE2016 compliant transformers in sizes up to 300 kVA.
  • Dual and triple output transformers allowing easy migration to different voltages, future-proofing your data center.
  • Cabinet dimensions of 36.5”w X 32.75”d X 74.75”h and integrated casters allows for easy installation in retrofit building applications.
  • Multiple distribution panelboard and sub feed options in-cabinet and in optional side cars.
  • Intelligent Power Monitoring with PDI’s WaveStar® Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) allows for the pro-active management of power usage and availability.
  • Landing service entrance cables has never been easier with Top/Bottom Entry/Exit configurations.
  • Comes in a Manual Dual System allowing for a “make before break” transition of power.
  • The PowerPak PDU allows for easy front access Infrared Scanning when distribution breakers are placed in a front facing sidecar.
  • Optional bottom skirts are available for the PowerPak PDU providing back-pressure for HVAC systems when installed on a raised floor.

PDI PowerPak PDU Specifications

kVA rating 50-300 kVA
Input 3-phase, 3-wire plus ground
Input Voltage @ 50 Hz: 415 or 380V @ 60 Hz: 600, 480 or 208V
Output 3-phase, 4-wire plus ground
Output Voltage @ 50 Hz: 415/240or 380/220V @ 60 Hz: 600, 480 or 208/120V
Features Copper or aluminum wound construction.
Dual electrostatic shield – attenuates high frequency noise.
Oversized netural conductor.
Transverse mode noise protection.
Accurate kW, power factor and THD measurement.
True RMS metering.
Operating Efficiency: DOE 2016 Compliant.
Listed to UL 1950, CSA Certified.
Modbus RTY communications, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP.
BCMS available as factory installed option.
Enclosure NEMA 1 enclosure with removable front, side & rear panels.
Removable front, side and rear panels.
Intergrated two-point latch and vision panels.
Flush-mounted door handle with integral locks.
Advanced door catch assures positive closure.
Operating Conditiions Operating Tempature: ambient O – 40
Storage Tempature: -10 – +40
50 Hz Operating Rage: 47-53 Hz
60 Hz Operating Range: 57-63 Hz
Monitoring Standard Monitor:
PDI 7″ color monitor (input/output monitoring).
Per circuit output monitoring.
Serial RS-485 Modbus.
Dual transformer thermal switches.

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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