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Network Closet AssessmentUPS and Data Center Services and
Service and maintenance for electrical power and distribution systems

Power Solutions offers assessment services to ensure your electrical power and distribution systems and data center power and cooling equipment is running efficiently. Power Solutions has the expert services you need to support you through the data center and power distribution life cycle. Our priority is helping you maintain the uptime and availability that your business requires. We provide support services that cover you from pole to plug and we offer years of experience in our staff, supported by a network of service specialists nationwide.

UPS and Data Center Services
Proper service and maintenance of UPS and data center equipment helps optimize and maintain mission-critical applications.  Equipment needs to be as reliable, efficient and secure today as it was the day it was installed. Keeping equipment running at maximum efficiency and optimal performance is the priority. Proper care and regular maintenance will help avoid unnecessary downtime and help save time, and money.  Our manufacturer partners are world leaders in providing high quality solutions that increase power availability and system uptime in mission-critical data centers and network closets.  For that reason, we work exclusively with manufacturer services groups – not 3rd parties.

Battery Replacement And Battery Maintenance Service
Power Solutions Battery Replacement Services and Maintenance can enhance the reliability of your back-up power systems. While VRLA and flooded batteries are known for their reliability, they can become potential points of failure if ignored.  Not only will they eventually wear out but factors such as temperature and discharge cycles can negatively affect the length of their service life. With regular battery preventive maintenance services, you can address potential problems long before they develop and ensure full battery life.

Risk Assessment Services
The Risk Assessment Service is a complete mechanical, electrical, security technology, and data center checkup that will identify points of vulnerability and reduce the risk of critical equipment failure. This assessment provides a detailed, documented road map of the risks associated with your facility’s critical infrastructure including electrical, mechanical, security technology, and data center power and cooling systems.

Square D Power System Services
Services such as Power System Design and Upgrades,  Power System Assessment Services, Power System Analytical Studies, and Advantage Service Plans keep you up and running, efficiently and effectively. The experts at Square D by Schneider Electric complete these studies on your equipment to identify points of vulnerability.

Solutions for OSHA and NFPA 70E Compliance
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that work on electrical equipment must be performed in a manner that does not expose the worker to undue risk of injury. Schneider Electric Engineering Services advocates compliance to NFPA 70E not only for worker safety, but also equipment productivity. An arc flash accident can render equipment unusable and place the facility in a costly downtime mode.

Custom Power Solutions
At Power Solutions, we offer a variety of custom power solutions tailored to your specific application including complex upgrades, technology refreshes, and expansion and consolidation projects. Additionally, our services team can assist with IT services such as rack and stack, network integration, and converged infrastructure.

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