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PFC Sinewave Series

CyberPower’s PFC Sinewave Series UPS are designed with line interactive topology, offer guaranteed power protection for individual work areas, home networking hardware and devices, entertainment electronics, department servers, networking and telecommunications hardware, and equipment (including high-end audio/visual equipment) requiring Active PFC power source compatibility. They provide sine wave output and correct minor power fluctuations without switching to battery, thereby extending battery life. Features include a multifunction LCD panel, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), energy-saving GreenPower UPS™ design, data line protection, and management software to easily control and monitor your UPS.

The PFC Sinewave Series Features

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Line-interactive topology
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
  • GreenPower UPSTM technology
  • Multi-function LCD panel
  • HID Compliant USB port
  • Phone/Fax/Modem (RJ11) and Ethernet (RJ45) line protection
  • 10 Outlets / HID compliant USB and Serial ports
  • Widely-spaced surge-protected outlets
  • PowerPanel® Personal Edition UPS Management software
  • Connected Equipment Guarantee
  • Three-Year Warranty
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