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Schneider Electric Galaxy VX

500kVA to 750kVA N+1

The Schneider Electric Galaxy VX is a highly efficient, scalable, 3-phase power protection from 500kVA to 750kVA, with flexible operating modes, for large facilities, data centers, and business critical applications. The Galaxy VX UPS is an extension of the Schneider Electric Galaxy V-Series solutions for data center and industrial applications.

Schneider Electric Galaxy VX uses innovative features, including patented 4-level inverters and ECOnversion mode, to lower energy costs and meet changing business requirements. The ECOnversion Mode provides highly reliable power quality of up to 99% efficiency, significantly reducing the risk of downtime for your business. Galaxy VX provides N+1 redundancy at full capacity and delivers excellent power quality in demanding electrical environments, with a wide input voltage window, 100kAIC short circuit withstand, robust overload capacity, and power factor corrected input that eliminates oversizing of upstream gear. The Galaxy VX also links to facility monitoring systems such as the Schneider Electric StruxureWare for Data Center solution.

Galaxy VX features a touch-screen display, top and bottom cable entry, full front service access, no rear clearance requirement, Smart Power Test (SPoT), and start-up service for efficient deployment. With support for traditional battery solutions as well as Lithium Ion and flywheel energy storage solutions, Galaxy VX provides the performance and flexibility required by today’s large data centers and mission critical applications.

Flywheel Technology: This model can be modified with VYCON’s flywheel technology for a battery-free UPS solution.

Optional Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Schneider Electric Galaxy VX is available with optional Lithium-Ion Batteries. Li-Ion Batteries can be the perfect choice for your three phase UPS and offer several advantages over traditional valve-regulated, lead acid batteries commonly used in UPSs today. Click here for more information on comparing Li-Ion to VRLA batteries.

  • Longer life expectancy – Li-ion can double or triple battery service life
  • More power in less space – Li-ion batteries take up only about one-third the space of VRLA with the same power
  • More forgiving in a wide range of temps – Li-ion batteries can withstand a wider temperature range than VRLA batteries
  • Reduced cooling requirements and costs – The wider temp range of Li-Ion can reduce the optimal operating temperature range
  • Less weight – Lithium-ion batteries offer a two-thirds weight reduction
  • Battery monitoring systems included – Sophisticated battery monitoring systems (BMS) included

Schneider Electric Galaxy VX Features and Benefits

  • ECOnversion mode – Operating mode that ensures ultra high efficiency while charging the batteries, conditioning the load power factor and ensuring a Class 1 output voltage regulation.
  • Input power factor correction – Minimizes installation costs by enabling the use of smaller generators and cabling.
  • High efficiency – High efficiency rates that remain stable even at lower operating power levels
  • ECO Mode – Operating mode that by-passes unused electrical components in good power conditions to achieve high operating efficiency without sacrificing protection
  • Compatible with Schneider Electric’s lithium ion battery solution – Reduces system footprint and weight, cooling and maintenance requirements, and total cost of ownership; offers double the life of VRLA batteries; and improves backup storage predictability and manageability.
  • Wide input voltage range – Designed for harsh electrical environments to save battery life.
  • Robust operation – No power de-rating in kW up to 40 degrees C or 104 degrees F.

Schneider Electric Galaxy VX Popular Models Include:

GVX500K750GS – VX 500kVA scalable to 750kVA 480V, Start up 5×8
GVX1000K625GS – VX 625kVA N+1 Redundant UPS 480V, Start up 5×8
GVX625K625GS – VX 625kVA Scalable to 625kVA 480V, Start up 5×8
GVX750K750GS – VX 750kVA Scalable to 750kVA 480V, Start up 5×8
GVX1000K750GS – VX 750kVA N+1 Redundant UPS 480V, Start up 5×8

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