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Schneider Electric Gutor PXC

10-100 kVA High Performance, Compact, Pre-engineered 3-phase UPS for Light and Heavy industrial Applications  

Schneider Electric Gutor PXCThe Schneider Electric Gutor PXC 3-Phase UPS by Schneider Electric is the first pre-engineered industrial UPS for light and heavy industrial environments. The Gutor brings you the benefits of a data center level UPS combined with the ruggedness of an industrial UPS, all in a compact footprint.

The Schneider Electric Gutor PXC 10-100 kVA, 208V input UPS is ideal for light and heavy industrial applications and small to medium data centers. With many standardized, pre-engineered configurations, the Gutor PXC, simplifies configuration allowing for shorter lead times and more plug and play. Gutor PXC operates in wider temperature ranges with higher tolerances for tough environments such as dust and vibration. Gutor PXC works effortlessly with your facility monitoring systems and offers full industrial design options. With a wide temperature range, from -10 to +55 °C and smaller footprint, the Gutor can fit in almost any white or gray space. It also features top and bottom cable entry and a fully integrated isolation transformer option. With full front service access, modular fans, and power modules, the Gutor PXC is one of the easiest UPSs in its class to deploy, install and maintain.  The Gutor PXC is the next generation of UPS technology and can replace Silcon, Comet, and Galaxy PW UPS at their End-of-Life.

Schneider Electric Gutor PXC Applications

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Micro-electronics & Semiconductor
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Process
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas

Schneider Electric Gutor PXC is Pre-Engineered

  • Standardized engineering without compromise on performance to save on overall engineering solution cost and to deliver as a “plug-n-play” unit.
  • From fully customized engineering design to meet unique heavy industrial customer needs to standardized engineering design with easy add-on option kits to meet the requirements of both light and heavy industrial customers
  • The Gutor PxW is successfully tested under extreme environmental conditions as well as under seismic conditions. The firmware is certified according to IEC 60880 for NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) applications. With a very flexible design, it can meet nearly any requirement.
  • Savings on overall industrial solution by reducing customized engineering design time and customized engineering documentation
  • Low mean time to repair due to full front access servicing and internal modular design (power modules and fans)
  • Compatible with diesel generators to ensure clean, uninterrupted power to critical equipment when generator power is used

Schneider Electric Gutor PXC Features

  • High efficiency: Up to 93% in double conversion mode, up to 99% in ECO mode
  • Unity output power factor
  • Highly reliable and robust design based on traditional Gutor Industrial UPS system (15+ years design life) for low total cost of ownership
  • Robust industrial switchgear cabinet with dust filters provides superior IP42/UL Type 1 protection standard
  • 65 kA rated short-circuit current Icc
  • Excellent power conditioning and very low harmonic distortion
  • Internal backfeed protection
  • Wide input voltage range
  • High overload capability
  • High battery recharging power

Schneider Electric Gutor PXC Popular Models Include:

GUPXC25FS – GUTOR PXC UL, 25kVA, 208V, No Transformer, Start Up
GUPXC37FS – GUTOR PXC UL, 37.5kVA, 208V, No Transformer, Start Up
GUPXC50FS  – GUTOR PXC UL, 50kVA, 208V, No Transformer, Start Up
GUPXC75FS – GUTOR PXC UL, 75kVA, 208V, No Transformer, Start Up
GUPXC100FS  – GUTOR PXC UL, 100kVA, 208V, No Transformer, Start Up

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