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Toshiba 4400 Series

Toshiba 4400 SeriesThe Toshiba 4400 Series uninterruptible power system (UPS) is the next-generation three-phase UPS. The double-conversion, all insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) 4400 Series UPS features a digitally controlled IGBT input rectifier, an intelligent low harmonic pulse-width modulation (PWM) output, state-of-the-art electronic battery isolation circuitry, and an easy to navigate local touchscreen interface.

The small footprint and total front access mechanical design requires zero rear clearance and includes features such as top, bottom, and/or side cable entry, standard sized air filter provisions, and lockable keyed doors. Customization is available through a number of options, such as internal battery backup, internal transformers for specific voltage applications, and remote monitoring with the Toshiba RemotEye® 4 multi-protocol UPS monitoring solution.

Toshiba 4400 Series Features

  • 0.9 Power Factor
  • High Efficiency
  • Small Footprint
  • Easily Installed

Toshiba 4400 Series Specifications

Model Number
X3X150XA X3X200XA X3X250XA X3X300XA X3X500XA X3X800XA
Capacity 15 kVA
(13.5 kW)
20 kVA
(18 kW)
25 kVA
(22.5 kW)
30 kVA
(27 kW)
50 kVA
(45 kW)
80 kVA
(72 kW)
Topology True On-Line, Double-Conversion, All-IGBT Technology
Input Voltage (Std) 208/120V Three-phase, Four-Wire + Ground Input*
Voltage Range -15% to +10% (Without Using Battery)
Power Factor > 0.98
Output Voltage (Std) 208/120 V: Three-Phase, Four-Wire + Ground**
Frequency 50/60 Hz, ±0.1% Auto-Sensing Standard. (50/60Hz Selectable, for use as Frequency Converter)
Voltage Regulation ±2.0%
Power Factor 0.9 Lagging
Temp Range 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Dimensions 20.12″ (W) x 37.4″ (D) x 65.06″ (H) (511mm x 950mm x 1653mm) 32.1″ (W) x 31.8″ (D) x 73.6″ (H)
(816mm x 
807mm x 1870mm)
Weight 720 lbs. (326 kg) 1350 lbs.
(612 kg)
1500 lbs.
(680 kg)
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