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Power Quality Problems & Solutions

Power LinesRolling brownouts, voltage sags, spikes, electrical noise and harmonic distortion. If you haven’t experienced any of these power problems yet, you will. In today’s market, you can’t take the power from your local utility for granted. The growing use of microprocessors in appliances, office equipment and process controls has made us all aware of the power quality demands from equipment and the unpredictability of its supply.

Equipment and machinery can be damaged or even fail when subjected to power anomalies. One or two seconds of outage or a surge can bring your business down for hours or days. No matter where you are, spikes, surges, brownouts and other power issues are potential problems.

With the U.S. utility deregulation many people now realize that power is not an unlimited resource. Part of the problem utilities face is that they cannot produce enough power to supply growing needs, and it can take years to build additional power plants.

While utility power can be unpredictable, what happens inside your building can be worse. About 80% of power quality problems are caused inside a facility, from inadequate building wiring or incorrect grounding, to large loads sharing the same circuits. These problems can be compounded by starting, running and stopping large machinery and other business-critical systems. If your building is more than 15 years old, it probably wasn’t designed to meet the demands of today’s high power equipment. The systems supporting your organization’s key functions may be overloading the wiring and causing power problems and failures that can harm valuable data and equipment.

Power Quality Problems

Power Quality Solutions