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collegeA college campus is a dynamic setting that serves the needs of many diverse stakeholders. From administrative matters of program offerings and competition, fluctuating enrollment, and safety issues,  to operational concerns of lower budgets, higher energy costs, and aging equipment – colleges are consistently under pressure to do more with less while trying to create the optimal learning environment and attract students and high quality faculty.

And K-12 education networks have had to adapt to increasing demands for uptime while fighting for facing shrinking municipal budgets and dealing with other challenges, such as safety issues, higher energy costs, and aging equipment and infrastructure.

K-12 and Higher education IT departments rely on UPS systems to maintain high availability and protect their data centers from power outages. Colleges, universities and K-12 networks use UPS systems to protect their information systems against a host of power-related issues. IT managers can condition power to smooth out spikes; protect against lightning strikes; and either keep systems running or initiate an orderly shutdown during power sags, brownouts or outages. Maximum uptime, especially in the event of a power failure, is a top priority for higher education data centers. Students and administrators rely on consistent and ready power. And amidst the rising costs of education at many universities, educators and administrators are searching for innovative ways to cut costs. Your system needs to be efficient and effective. Power Solutions can meet the power demands of your K-12 network, college or university. We partner with manufacturers of quality equipment to put together the best package for your needs

As a professional in K-12 and higher education, you face a complicated mix of pressures:

  • Need for safe learning environments
  • Tighter budgets and shrinking resources
  • Aging infrastructure and technology
  • Rising utility bills
  • Portraying a positive image to the community
  • Mounting pressures for sustainability

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Schneider Electric: Maximize Stretched Budgets to Create an Optimal Student Environment

If you’re in education, you believe in the power of knowledge. So does Schneider Electric. Whether you’re renovating existing facilities or building new ones, we can help enable a wide variety of infrastructure solutions with an option to leverage funding through a comprehensive energy management and sustainability program. Our experts will help strengthen your college college’s brand, alleviate the impact of decreased funding, and improve your sustainability performance.

StruxureWare Data Center Expert 2

StruxureWare Data Center Expert is an infrastructure management software that collects, organizes, and distributes critical alerts, surveillance video and key information, providing a unified view of complex physical infrastructure environments from anywhere on the network.

Network Closet Assessment – Are You Getting The Most From Your Wiring Closet? The Network Closet Assessment service provides an assessment and analysis of the critical infrastructure components of your network wiring closet including: power systems, cooling systems, rack configurations and room analysis. Power Solutions will supply you with the information necessary to manage your network closet for optimum performance, extend the life of your hardware, and ensure the highest level of network availability.

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Reliable power protection and management play a vital part in your ability to deliver reliable power to your campus. Eaton UPS solutions protect your IT systems, facilities and monitoring support systems against a full range of problems from spikes and sags to full power interruptions. Eaton offers: 

  • Largest selection of highly reliable Uninterruptible Power Supplies for the healthcare industry
  • A trusted and tested UPS solution for universities
  • Award-winning power management software to proactively monitor and manage crucial systems
  • World-class service offerings deliver the peace of mind that your campus systems are protected around the clock

Eaton 9PX

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