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Hospital (1)For the healthcare industry, ensuring a quality environment for patients is paramount. With patient care on the line, there’s no room for downtime. New technologies—from digital imaging to security-enhancing baby finders—are helping to reduce errors, improve care, and decrease costs simultaneously. But to enable these technologies, healthcare facilities need a rock-solid physical infrastructure to back up their assets. The challenge is to find a modular solution with the lowest total cost of ownership over time. With energy costs soaring, the system has to be efficient. Availability has to be constant, from patient check-in to checkout. And, at the end of the day, the solution has to comply with increasingly strict standards and legislation. Power Solutions can meet the needs of your hospital of healthcare facility. We partner with manufacturers of quality equipment to put together the best package for your needs.

  • Operating Room
  • Medical panels and sensitive electronic equipment
  • Switch Room/Telecom Closets
  • Nursing Station
  • Reception area
  • Radiology/Imaging Room
  • Data Center/Records
  • Utilities Room
  • Building Management System


Schneider Electric: A Total Healthcare Solution

Scalability, experience, reliability—there are a dozen reasons for any business to choose Schneider Electric for an innovative, integrated solution. But for those in the healthcare profession, Schneider Electric offers a more complete solution than any other industry player. So, what can Schneider Electric do for your hospital?

  • A complete electrical distribution architecture that will maximize uptime.
  • Energy efficiency and maintenance optimization to save up to 30% on operating costs.
  • Service teams to help improve the performance of the hospital throughout its complete life cycle.
  • Integrated security to ensure peace of mind.
  • Optimized and personalized room control to enhance patient’s experience.

With the combined expertise of APC, Square D™, TAC™, and Pelco™, a hospital can now outfit its entire infrastructure with the best in building automation and energy management—all from the world leader in electrical distribution, power, and control: Schneider Electric. StruxureWare Data Center Expert 2

StruxureWare Data Center Expert is an infrastructure management software that collects, organizes, and distributes critical alerts, surveillance video and key information, providing a unified view of complex physical infrastructure environments from anywhere on the network.

Schneider Electric’s Fleet Management Operations – is an all-inclusive package that provides proactive monitoring, remote troubleshooting, and repair or replacement of your “fleet of small IT equipment in the event of failure, regardless of UPS age or location. Schneider Electric will monitor and maintain your nationwide sites, ensuring your small IT needs are met and your equipment is always available, so you can focus on your core business responsibilities.

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Reliable power protection and management play a vital part in your ability to deliver quality care to patients. Eaton UPS solutions protect your IT systems, diagnostic imaging equipment, clinical labs, and facilities and monitoring support systems against a full range of problems from spikes and sags to full power interruptions. Eaton offers: 

  • Largest selection of highly reliable Uninterruptible Power Supplies for the healthcare industry
  • A trusted and tested UPS solution for major medical equipment suppliers, such as GE Healthcare and Siemens Medical Solutions
  • Award-winning power management software to proactively monitor and manage crucial healthcare systems
  • World-class service offerings deliver the peace of mind that your healthcare systems are protected around the clock

Eaton 5PX
Eaton 9130
Eaton 9PX
Eaton BladeUPS
Eaton 93E
Eaton 9315 30-160kVA
Eaton 9315 225-759kVA
Eaton 9390

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GE Industrial Solutions

Medical centers are under intense pressure to deliver higher standards of care to more people at a lower cost than ever before – and this requires a safe, absolutely reliable, and efficient supply of electric power. Virtually every piece of equipment in today’s hospital, from the bed in the patient’s room to the MRI in the radiology department, is powered by electricity. As a result, your ability to provide the best possible care to your patients, protect your investment in technology, and avoid costly and potentially disastrous disruptions of service means that your electrical system must be robust, redundant, and smart enough to ensure the steady flow of electric power.

For more than 100 years, hospitals have turned to GE to provide the electrical infrastructure that powers their facilities.   The reason today is the same as it was a century ago: the breadth of our offerings and our employee expertise. Three phase TLE

TLE Series – The TLE Series UPS brings the latest power conversion technology to the marketplace, using a three-level inverter design and a multi-mode architecture that makes real-time decisions between premium protection mode and premium efficiency mode.

GE LP33 Series – The LP33 Series UPS is a robust, high performance 208/120VAC UPS System suitable for a broad range of mission-critical applications including data centers, data closets, healthcare/medical, telecommunications, transportation, commercial buildings, and industrial critical processes.

UPS for Small Cell and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) – Big, dense buildings with high numbers of cell phone and Wi-Fi user need Small Cell or DAS Systems to ensure availability and signal quality. But no matter the system specifications, every DAS needs uninterruptible power to perform to customer standards.  As a proven leader in telecommunications power systems, GE provides full turn-key solutions for your DAS applications, ensuring that you have a solid power foundation for reliable network service.

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Power fluctuations can destroy mission-critical equipment, disrupt sensitive patient procedures and completely destroy multi-year, multi-million-dollar research projects…in a flash. A lightning strike, a falling tree, or something as simple as an internal system coming online are all potential threats. A UPS is Weak Insurance. Hospitals and research institutions have traditionally relied upon battery-powered UPS systems to protect against dangerous short-term power anomalies – surges, sags, swells and brownouts. But UPS’s are high maintenance and notoriously subject to failure. When a single electrical “event” lasting less than a second can destroy an MRI, an electron microscope or many years’ worth of non-replicable data, a more reliable solution is required. Protect Your Critical Equipment with a UST Power Conditioner.

UST Power Conditioners and Voltage Regulators

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