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Product End Of Life – EOL Announcements

A growing number of businesses have legacy UPS systems approaching end of life. Referred to by acronyms such as EOL (End of Life) or EOSL (End of Service Life), aging equipment poses a significant, and unpredictable threat to mission critical uptime. Systems entering or nearing the end of their product life cycle are vulnerable to dwindling supplies of replacement parts or lack of service and support (End of Service). Power Solutions wants to be your proactive partner in developing your end of life replacement plan.

Refer to the chart below for UPS systems approaching their end of life.  If you have one of these systems installed at your site, chances are that it has been over ten years since the power requirements of your facility have been assessed.  It is likely that the requirements used to size and configure your existing system have changed. How will you choose next generation product replacements?

Changes to Your System that May Influence Your Choice of Replacement Product 
  • Relocation of servers and critical applications to an off-site location
  • Age of current generator or a new generator addition
  • New equipment, servers, or racks in your facility
  • Increased degree of criticality of your equipment
  • Revised data security regulations in financial services, healthcare, and other industries that may require more redundancy in your back-up power

The models listed below are like-for-like replacements for the equipment entering end of service life. We suggest that you review your requirements before putting together a new configuration.  Contact the power specialists at Power Solutions and we can assist with the right configuration for you.

For configuration assistance to replace End of Life UPS equipment, call 1- 800-876-9373 or email


ManufacturerProduct End Of LifePlanned End-Of-Life DateRecommended Replacement
Schneider ElectricSymmetra PX 80kVA SYCF80KF2021, DecemberSY80K100F
Schneider ElectricNetworkAir FM2020, JanuaryUniflair Inroom - DX 60Hz or CW 60Hz
Schneider ElectricMGE Comet2019, DecemberMGE Galaxy 5000
Schneider ElectricNetworkAir IR2019, JanuaryInRow
Eaton93902019, January93PM
Eaton 9330
2019, January (limited parts)/January 2020 EOLEaton 9355
Eaton9170+2018, December
Eaton will continue to produce support parts ASY-0529, ASY-0673, ASY-0674
and ASY-0675 beyond 2018, through the reasonable life of units installed in the field
Schneider ElectricAPC Silcon SL2018, DecemberMGE Galaxy 3500, 4000 or 5000 depending on voltage and power requirements
Schneider ElectricMGE PW 40kVA-120kVA2018, DecemberMGE Galaxy 5000
Schneider ElectricMGE Galaxy 30002018, December MGE Galaxy 3500
Schneider ElectricAPC Silcon DP2017, DecemberMGE Galaxy 3500, 4000 or 5000 depending on voltage and power requirements
EatonEaton 9315 225 - 750 kVA2017, SeptemberEaton 93PM
EatonEaton 9315 30-160 kVA 2017, SeptemberEaton 93PM
EmersonNetsure 5022017, MayNetsure 5100 GE SPS GE Infinity S Flex
Eaton9130 UPS Tower and Rackmount 700-3000VA2017, May 9PX
Schneider ElectricNetworkAir CM and NetworkAir AFX2017, JanuaryUniflair
EatonPULSMl3000R-XL3U2016, AprilPowerWare9130
EatonPULSMl3000-XL2U2016, April PowerWare9130
EatonPULSl1500R-XL2U2016, April PowerWare9130
EatonPULSl1000R-XL2U2016, AprilPowerWare9130
EatonPULSML3000-XL3U2016, AprilPowerWare9130
EatonPULSML3000-XL2U2016, April PowerWare9130
EatonPULSML2200-XL3U2016, AprilPowerWare9130
EatonPULSML2200-XL2U2016, April PowerWare9130
EatonPULSL1500R-XL2U2016, AprilPowerWare9130
EatonPULSL1000R-XL2U2016, AprilPowerWare9130
EatonPULSL1500T2016, April PowerWare9130
EatonPULSL1000T2016, AprilPowerWare9130
Power Battery Telcom SeriesAll2010, DecemberCross Reference Chart
Power Battery High Rate VRLA BatteriesAll2010, DecemberCross Reference Chart